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SB - Air Filter For Intake Kits 75-5068 Dry Extendable White - KF-1037D

SB - Air Filter For Intake Kits 75-5068 Dry Extendable White - KF-1037D

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 KF-1037D S&B Air Filter (Dry Extendable White)

Enhance your vehicle's performance with the KF-1037D S&B Air Filter, specifically designed for Intake Kit 75-5068. This dry extendable air filter ensures superior airflow and exceptional filtration, providing a reliable solution to optimize your engine's power and efficiency.

Crafted with high-quality dry extendable media, the KF-1037D offers sustainable and maintenance-free performance for your engine. The white filter media efficiently traps dust and debris, ensuring only clean air reaches your engine for optimal operation. The sturdy black base and top provide a secure fit and long-lasting durability.

Designed for performance enthusiasts, the KF-1037D air filter is engineered to deliver maximum airflow, enhancing your engine's power and efficiency. The extendable dry media allows for maintenance-free convenience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable air filter solution. Upgrade to the KF-1037D S&B Air Filter and experience improved engine protection and enhanced performance, tailored specifically for Intake Kit 75-5068.

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