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SB - Air Filter (Cotton Cleanable For Intake Kits: 75-2514-4 - KF-1002

SB - Air Filter (Cotton Cleanable For Intake Kits: 75-2514-4 - KF-1002

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 KF-1002 S&B Air Filter (Cotton Cleanable for Intake Kits: 75-2514-4)

Enhance your vehicle's performance with the KF-1002 S&B Air Filter, specifically designed for compatibility with S&B Intake Kits 75-2514-4. This cotton cleanable air filter provides superior filtration and airflow, ensuring your engine operates at peak efficiency.

The KF-1002 features high-quality cotton media that is both cleanable and reusable, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining your engine's performance. The oiled red media efficiently traps dust and debris, ensuring only clean air reaches your engine. The robust black base and top provide a secure fit and durability, while the straight flange design ensures easy installation.

Ideal for performance enthusiasts, the KF-1002 air filter is engineered to deliver maximum airflow, boosting your engine's power and efficiency. The cotton cleanable media allows for easy maintenance, making it perfect for those who want a reliable and reusable air filter solution. Upgrade to the KF-1002 S&B Air Filter and experience enhanced engine protection, improved performance, and long-lasting durability, all tailored for your S&B Intake Kit 75-2514-4.

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