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Full Injector Set - 0445120187

Full Injector Set - 0445120187

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Ensure your hardworking Ram 6.7L Cab & Chasis engine runs like new with the Bosch OE New High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injector. As the original supplier, Bosch provides injectors manufactured with the latest tolerances and engineering advancements, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

Included in the Box:

  • (6) New CR Injector
  • (6) Nozzle Washer
  • (6) Injector Seal O-ring

Features and Benefits:

  • End-of-line tested with OE equipment and specifications
  • Updated engineering for superior performance compared to dealer products
  • Manufactured with OE tools and processes for guaranteed factory performance
  • Critical components are resurfaced or replaced


It is recommended to replace connector tubes with any new injector install to help prevent any warranty issues. If replacing connector tubes Bosch (F00RC00647) or Cummins (287228) connector tubes MUST be used. 

The use of any aftermarket connector tubes will VOID WARRANTY.The most common failure of new injector installations is contamination and the problem that we see most on these comes from the injector connecting tubes.

Core Returns

Read Carefully!

When you purchase a product from our website that has a core requirement, you have two options:

1. You choose to pay the core charge and we will ship the product right away, then once we receive the cores you will be refunded the core charge if your cores pass our inspection qualifications. This is the preferred choice and has the least delays. 

2. You choose to send in your cores before we ship the product that was purchased. This choice has the risk of delayed shipment of your purchased product and our inventory is not guaranteed by the time we receive your cores. You will need to follow all of the instructions below as quickly as possible so that you can get your purchased product and we can receive the cores. When you choose this option you acknowledge that by the time we receive your cores, our inventory could have change and there could be a delay in your shipment. 

Please return all cores to:

South Central Diesel Inc Core Returns
115 S East Ave
Holdrege, Nebraska 68949

INCLUDE Invoice or Order # THAT WAS ISSUED AT TIME OF PURCHASE! If Invoice or Order # is lost, please call (800)228-8482. 

Core return freight is the responsibility of the customer.


In order to receive full core credit, your core(s) must be returned within 90 days from receipt of order. It must be as is “off the engine.” Full core credit will be given if core meets acceptance criteria. Cores that are damaged during shipment to South Central Diesel are the responsibility of the customer and their shipping company.


  • Slightly damaged housing or camshaft

No Core Credit issued when:

  • Core is seized or hydraulic head is cracked
  • Excessive damage (Heavy use of Bio-diesel and rust are common causes for unacceptable core)
  • Core is fire damaged
  • Core is returned after 90 days/3 months

Please do the following when returning a core:

  • Make sure you have removed all fittings from your old unit
  • Drain all fuel and oil from unit
  • Package cores so that fuel and oil does not escape from the package

NOTE: packages that have fuel or oil residue on the outside of the box during shipping will not be delivered by UPS or the postal service which will cause delays.

  • Please re-use boxes and bags that parts were shipped in originally. These boxes are UPS approved to reduce damage while being handled in freight.
  • All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer
  • Please write on the box “Core Return” and have Invoice or Order # clearly written on the outside of box
  • Include copy of original invoice inside box

PLEASE RETAIN ORDER #, INVOICE # AND TRACKING NUMBER UNTIL CREDIT IS RECEIVED BY YOU. We do not research by customer name, only invoice # or order #.

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