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FASS - Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System 290F 240GPH (70-75 PSI) 2017-2019 LP5 Duramax, 900-1200hp - TSC13290F240G

FASS - Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System 290F 240GPH (70-75 PSI) 2017-2019 LP5 Duramax, 900-1200hp - TSC13290F240G

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  • GM Sierra 2500 HD
  • GM Sierra 3500 HD
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD
  • Duramax 2017-2019

Important Note:

  • This system is designed for the 2017-2019 L5P Duramax WITH AFTERMARKET TUNING. Without aftermarket tuning, the vehicle may display a MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) after FASS installation. Consult with your calibration supplier before installation to confirm their ability to delete specific diagnostic codes.

Key Features:

  1. Titanium Signature Series:

    • Engineered to be the superior fuel and filtration system in the diesel industry.
    • Focused on perfecting systems with unique design features, resulting in less than a 2% failure rating with the motor.
  2. FASS Whisper Technology (FWT):

    • Effectively reduces the sound levels of the Signature Series FASS Diesel Fuel System to a "whisper."
    • Increases fuel flow rates without sacrificing noise reduction.
  3. Performance Radius Cuts (PRC):

    • Advanced machining technique to improve the flow of fuel through the FASS System by creating smooth cuts within the aluminum housing.
    • Prevents reintroduction of air and vapor, avoiding eddy currents at sharp angles.
  4. Mass Flow Return (MFR) Technology:

    • Continually polishes fuel by maintaining positive pressure on fuel delivery.
    • Returns unused fuel to the tank after filtration, ensuring a constant "polishing" process.
  5. Bolt-On Bracket Mounts:

    • Simplified installation with new bolt-on brackets utilizing the Ford Super Duty factory bed bolt.
    • Mounting takes only minutes, providing superior support with machined steel brackets.
  6. System Specifications (240GPH):

    • Flow Rating: 240 Gallons Per Hour.
    • Filtration: 2 Micron Filtration Rating.
    • Protects and extends the life of injectors.
    • Improved cold weather starts and decreased emissions.
    • ½ Inch fuel lines and ports for enhanced fuel delivery.
    • Options for electric heater ports and fuel pressure gauge port.
  7. Warranty and Lifespan:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    • Motor designed for 1,000,000 miles.
    • Filter life expectancy of 30,000 miles.
  8. Quietest Motor:

    • FASS Titanium Signature Series boasts the quietest motor on the market.

Upgrade your 2017-2019 L5P Duramax with the FASS Titanium Signature Series for superior fuel system performance, filtration, and durability.

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