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FASS - Titanium Series High Output Heater Disk - HK1002

FASS - Titanium Series High Output Heater Disk - HK1002

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When the fuel temperature drops below 34° Fahrenheit, the thermostatically controlled High Output Fuel Heater Disk activates automatically. This disk, with a 300-watt heating element, warms the fuel as it enters the FASS System, effectively preventing diesel fuel gelling in the FASS filters. The FASS System's continuous fuel polishing further aids in heating the fuel in the tank, offering additional protection against gelling.

To ensure optimal fuel temperature, the High Output Heater Disk automatically powers off once the fuel reaches the desired temperature. This feature eliminates the risk of overheating the diesel fuel. It's important to note that the FASS Heater Disk Kit is compatible with the Titanium Series (manufactured after 2013) and all Titanium Signature Series FASS Fuel Systems.

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