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FASS - Titanium Series Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit - HK1001

FASS - Titanium Series Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit - HK1001

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Upgrade your FASS Systems for extreme cold climates with our Titanium Series Electric Heater Kits. Specifically designed for FASS Titanium Series Systems, these kits provide additional support for cold weather starts and prevent fuel gelling during extremely low temperatures. The Electric Heater Kit is equipped with two ports, ensuring optimal functionality with your FASS system.

Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit Features:

  • Dispenses Heat through FASS System and Filters
  • Aids in Cold Weather Starts
  • Prevents Fuel Gelling
  • Automatic On/Off Heater
  • Fits Titanium Series System
  • Complete Installation Kit

Both Titanium Series and Titanium Signature Series Systems are compatible with the FASS Heater Kit, providing the assurance that your diesel engine will start reliably even in the harshest winter conditions. The electric heaters automatically activate when the key is turned on and shut off once the proper temperature is reached.

Be prepared for whatever challenges Mother Nature throws your way by adding the FASS Electric Heater Kit to your FASS Fuel System.

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