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FASS - Fuel System Wiring Harnesses - WH10063R

FASS - Fuel System Wiring Harnesses - WH10063R

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The FASS Fuel Systems Fuel System Wiring Harness (Part No: WH-1006-3R) is an essential component for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your fuel system. Designed specifically for fully adjustable Titanium Signature Series, Industrial Series, and Competition Series FASS fuel systems, this wiring harness is a reliable solution to ensure your system receives full voltage from the electrical source.

Each wiring harness comes equipped with a relay, ensuring proper current flow to prevent drop-off issues commonly associated with OEM wiring. With heavy-duty construction and included wire connectors, these harnesses offer durability and ease of installation, providing peace of mind that your fuel system is receiving the necessary electrical support for consistent performance.

Sold individually, the FASS Fuel Systems Fuel System Wiring Harnesses are a vital accessory for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of your FASS fuel system, making them a valuable investment for diesel enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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