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FASS - Filter Pack XL - FP3000XL

FASS - Filter Pack XL - FP3000XL

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Ideal for workshops or keeping your garage well-supplied, each FASS Fuel FP3000XL includes one (1) (XWS3002XL) Extreme Water Separator and one (1) (PF3001XL) Particulate Filter. Engineered with convenience in mind, these FP3000XL sets simplify the maintenance of a FASS Fuel System.

The XWS3002XL, an advanced and more efficient extreme water separator, boasts a 2-micron absolute rating. With over 99% water-trapping capability, the new design eliminates the need for a drain on our water separator.

It is crucial to use the XWS3002XL in conjunction with the PF3001XL, as these new filters are not compatible with the FF-3003/FF-3010 or FS-1001/FS-1020.

The PF3001XL, a new particulate filter, is rated at 144 microns. Placing this 144-micron particulate filter on the suction side significantly reduces cavitation, enhances flow properties, reduces the sound output of the FASS System, and effectively removes larger fuel particulates.

When replacing discontinued filters with the new XWS3002XL and PF3001XL, position the XWS3002XL on the pressure side of the system, and the PF3001XL on the suction side.*

*Refer to the location diagram on the new filters for proper placement.

Each FASS Fuel FP3000XL includes:

  • One (1) (XWS3002XL) Extreme Water Separator
  • One (1) (PF3001XL) Particulate Filter

Designed for use with FASS Competition Series, Industrial Series, FASS Titanium Series, or FASS Titanium Signature Series Systems.

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