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FASS - Extreme Water Separator Filter - XWS1002

FASS - Extreme Water Separator Filter - XWS1002

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FASS Fuel Systems introduces the new and improved Extreme Water Separator (XWS1002), featuring enhanced efficiency with a 2-micron absolute rating. Unlike its predecessor, this advanced water separator no longer incorporates a drain because the filter element effectively traps and separates water from the fuel.


  • Must be used with PF3001XL: The XWS1002 is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the PF3001XL filter. It is crucial not to use the new filters (XWS1002 and PF3001XL) in combination with the discontinued FF-1003 or FS-1001 filters.

Installation Notes:

  • Placement on Pressure and Suction Side: When replacing the older filters with the new XWS1002 and PF3001XL, ensure proper placement. The XWS1002 is to be placed on the pressure side of the System, while the PF3001XL should be placed on the suction side. Refer to the location diagram on the new filters for accurate placement.

This upgrade in the water separator is intended for use with FASS Titanium Series, offering improved water separation efficiency and ensuring optimal performance for your diesel fuel System. Users are encouraged to follow the provided guidelines for correct filter placement and compatibility with the PF3001XL filter for the best results.

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