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FASS - Drop-In Series Diesel Fuel System 2020-2024 GM - DIFSL5P2001

FASS - Drop-In Series Diesel Fuel System 2020-2024 GM - DIFSL5P2001

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Fits: 2020-2024 Crew Cab Short Bed L5P Duramax

The FASS Drop-In Series Diesel Fuel System is meticulously engineered to provide superior filtration for the L5P Duramax. With a limited lifetime warranty, this system safeguards your L5P Duramax from the detrimental effects of fuel contamination, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Filtration: Removes over 99% of water, entrained air, and debris down to 2 Microns, protecting the L5P Duramax's injection system from premature wear.

  2. Performance Benefits:

    • Optimizes MPG (results may vary)
    • Restores horsepower
    • Sharpens throttle response
  3. Easy Installation: A true plug-and-play system, requiring no cutting, wiring, or additional modifications. Can be installed in an hour or less.

  4. No Tuning Changes Required: Whether your L5P is stock or modified, the Drop-In Series System does not require adjusting tunes or clearing any codes.

  5. Extreme Water Separator (XWS): Industry-leading water removal capabilities (proven to exceed 99%). The XWS design acts as a dam if it reaches capacity, preventing major damage to fuel system components.

  6. Drop-In Technology: Developed for industry-leading filtration with a straightforward installation. Can be installed in less than an hour in your driveway.

  7. Performance Radius Cuts (PRC): Advanced machining technique to improve fuel flow, preventing the reintroduction of air and vapor into the fuel. Exclusive to FASS Drop-In Fuel Systems.

  8. Retains Full Functionality of Water-in-Fuel Sensor: The only drop-in L5P filtration system that retains complete functionality of the water-in-fuel sensor.

  9. Air Separation: The only drop-in L5P filtration system with air separation.

  10. Lubricity Improvement: Increases the lubricity of the fuel by up to 10% by removing entrained air and air vapor.

  11. Absolute Filtration Rating: 2 Micron absolute filtration rating.

  12. Drop-In Design: No additional modifications needed. Retains the factory in-tank lift pump.

  13. Compatibility: Works with the factory plastic cap or billet filter cap.

Important Note: The Drop-In Series FASS for the L5P Duramax is designed to mount in the factory water separator location and may not work with aftermarket fuel tanks that have greater fuel capacity than the stock fuel tank. Adequate space must be verified for installation with an aftermarket fuel tank.

Upgrade your L5P Duramax with the FASS Drop-In Series Diesel Fuel System, ensuring reliability, improved fuel efficiency, and extended engine life.

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