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FASS - *Discontinued* Titanium Series Replacement Pump (220GPH) 2017-2019 Duramax L5P - TSC13220G

FASS - *Discontinued* Titanium Series Replacement Pump (220GPH) 2017-2019 Duramax L5P - TSC13220G

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The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel Systems stand as the pinnacle of fuel and filtration Systems in the diesel industry. At FASS Diesel Fuel Systems, we prioritize perfection in our Systems, taking meticulous steps that our competitors often overlook in their rush to market. This dedication results in a failure rating of less than 2% for our motors and a design boasting unique features exclusive to FASS Diesel Fuel Systems.

FASS Whisper Technology (FWT) epitomizes our commitment to innovation. Developed over two and a half years to meet our high standards for quality and durability, FWT effectively reduces the sound levels of our Signature Series Systems to a mere whisper while simultaneously increasing fuel flow rates. Unlike our competitors, who compromise on noise reduction by sacrificing flow rates, FWT delivers superior performance without compromise.

Performance Radius Cuts (PRC) represent another technological advancement incorporated into our Systems. By machining smooth flowing cuts within the aluminum housing, PRC prevents the reintroduction of air and vapor into the fuel, eliminating eddy currents and restrictions that can impede fuel flow. FASS Titanium Signature Fuel Systems are the only ones to feature these exclusive PRC, distinguishing them from lesser competitors' offerings.

Mass Flow Return (MFR) technology ensures constant fuel cleaning by maintaining positive pressure and removing contaminants. By returning unused fuel back to the tank after filtration, MFR guarantees that your diesel truck always receives the cleanest fuel possible. This technology, combined with optional FASS Fuel Heater options, ensures optimal performance even in extreme cold weather conditions.

Bolt-On Bracket Mounts simplify installation, eliminating the need for drilling or welding. Utilizing the Ford Super Duty factory bed bolt for mounting, installation of the Titanium Signature Series System takes mere minutes. Our brackets, made from machined steel, offer superior support and strength.

For the 2017-2019 220GPH Duramax L5P, the Titanium Signature Series System features New Whisper Technology, a complete replacement system, 220 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rating, 2 Micron Filtration Rating, and a host of other features aimed at enhancing engine performance and longevity. With a limited lifetime warranty and a 30,000 Mile Filter Life Expectancy, it remains the quietest motor on the market while delivering unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

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