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FASS - *Discontinued* Diesel No Drop Fuel Sump Kit (Bowl Only) - STK5500BO

FASS - *Discontinued* Diesel No Drop Fuel Sump Kit (Bowl Only) - STK5500BO

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The FASS Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel Sump Bowl Only Kit (STK5500BO) is compatible with universal applications, including Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins vehicles.

Sump kits play a crucial role in optimizing fuel usage by lowering the suction point and consolidating all fuel from the tank to a central location.

Our No Drop Sump kits are specifically engineered for installation without the need to remove the factory fuel tank, offering a unique design that ensures quick and straightforward installation, even for novice mechanics.

Designed with a fuel line port on the outside wall, our sumps simplify the installation process of our FASS fuel System product line. When paired with our Bulkhead Suction Tube Kit, fuel can be drawn from inside the tank, effectively addressing common issues experienced by Dodge Cummins owners.

Sump Fuel Bowl Kit Features:

  • No Drop Installation
  • Lowers Fuel Suction Location
  • Resolves Tank Fuel Issue
  • Unique Design For Simple Installation
  • Fuel Suction Port

This product is recommended for installation with our FASS Titanium Signature Series Systems, as its larger suction tubes and Fuel Sump Bowl enhance fuel delivery and seamlessly integrate with higher-volume fuel Systems.

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