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FASS - Bulkhead and Viton Suction Tube Kit - STK1005

FASS - Bulkhead and Viton Suction Tube Kit - STK1005

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The FASS Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel Bulkhead and Viton Suction Tube Kit (STK1005) is a versatile solution suitable for universal applications, including Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins vehicles.

Crafted for seamless integration with the fuel tank module, the Bulkhead Fitting and Viton suction tube enhance fuel volume delivery for your Titanium Signature Series FASS. With proper installation, this kit allows safe operation of your truck below 1/8 tank of fuel, effectively eliminating any 1/4 tank issues.

Bulkhead and Viton Suction Tube Features:

  • FASS Suction Port
  • Enhances Fuel Delivery Efficiency
  • Resolves ¼ Tank Fuel Issue
  • Streamlined Design for Easy Installation
  • Extracts Fuel From Fuel Basket
  • Can be installed as a pair for high-flow suction and FASS return.

This product is recommended for use with FASS Titanium Signature Series Systems, as its larger suction tube improves fuel delivery and seamlessly integrates with higher-volume fuel Systems.

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